On Saturday, May 18, we were honored by the presence of Dr. Shadi, who gave a valuable lecture on integrating artificial intelligence into the field of medicine. Dr. Shade began the session by introducing himself and speaking about his professional and educational career, as he studied medicine in Jordan, completed his studies in internal medicine, and currently works in America.

Dr. Shadi spoke about introducing artificial intelligence into medicine because of its ability to process a large amount of information quickly, in response to the increasing job opportunities in this field and the shortage of qualified personnel. He explained how artificial intelligence was able to diagnose patients’ conditions. The doctor was able to examine patients via video, supervise 20 hospitals in America, and suggest the necessary procedures under the supervision of medical staff via the Internet, which contributed to treating many patients in a short time.

The doctor also talked about the impact of artificial intelligence on medicine and the extent of people’s acceptance of it, and reviewed rates and statistics related to population decline for various reasons. He focused in particular on the importance of the patient’s comfort and psychology, and his concern for the patient’s family as well.

We thank Dr. Shadi for this valuable and distinguished session, and we also thank Rama Chakaki, co-founder and president of our organization, the VIP.fund, for bringing such people who contribute to the development of society.

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