Adel Yafi

  • From Syria and currently lives in Lebanon has an Undergraduate degree in  and is enrolled at Washington State University.
  • Dream and Mission Statement:
    I believe that every student should have the chance to get higher education in all majors, especially students that come from countries that been through hardship caused by political conflicts. All students from Syria, including me, are eager to obtain the knowledge and skills to allow a brighter future for ourselves and our families. My dream is to create a foundation that encourages innovations to reconstruct and make war-torn countries like Syria self-sustaining. Collecting and analyzing data from these areas helps us to identify the main problems and coming up with solutions.
  • Why you should fund me?
    I completed my language education program in Washington State University in an 8-week period and was admitted into the same university to do my BA. I am currently seeking a degree in Data analytics which will be the stepping stone to achieve my dream. I have been working at the International Programs office to try to pay some of my tuition as well as help other international students. However, since it is not enough, I often get late fees, and my debt keeps getting bigger. If I got funded, I would be able to study full time, which I have been unable to afford thus far, while still working to pay for living expenses and to keep helping as much as I can here on campus. I would graduate in May 2018 and would be able to start working to help more students like me get the funds necessary for their higher education.
  • Volunteer Experience:
    I am representing several underrepresented communities in Washington State University by working with a business fraternity (Sigma Lambda Beta Int’l Fraternity Inc.) to achieve a safe environment for students of color and different background to work and study in a place away from home. Additionally, I was offered a mentorship program that allows me to supervise new international students in Washington State University.
  • Awards & Achievements:
    A Proud Homsi Syrian. • A chess player • A Syrian cuisine enthusiast

Fairness cannot exist without development

Funding my senior year for pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Washington State University in Data Analytics with minors in mathematics and statistics.


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My skills and hobbies

Communication Skills, Camping, Adventurous, programming , mathematics , chess , mentor , College , Science , Washington state , Technology..
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