Jana Al Mawed

  • From Lebanon and currently lives in Lebanon has an Graduate degree in  and is enrolled at Not Provided.
  • Dream and Mission Statement:
    To pursue a Masters degree in Media and Communications in order to prove to people that Communication is as important as Engineering and Sciences
  • Why you should fund me?
    So that I can be the first woman in my family to ever pursue a Masters degree and change people's perspective towards the importance of communication
  • Volunteer Experience:
    • Instructed the SAT to 25 students from underprivileged backgrounds and offered them counseling regarding majors and universities • Gave lectures about online shopping to seniors (50yo+) at the University for Seniors of the American University of Beirut
  • Awards & Achievements:
    Full scholarship from Unite Lebanon Youth Project/Joseph Zaarour Award for Translation/Dean's Honor List at AUB/Hult Prize 2nd runner up

Help Me Be the Change

-"Pfft. You got the chance to study at AUB and you chose to study English Literature? Go study Medicine or Engineering, do something useful!" Here's to all the students who are bold and courageous enough to pursue what they are passionate about and not give in to society's expectations and peer pressure. I have been raised in a society that applauds for scientific excellence and degrades the arts and humanities. A lot are the parents that want their kids to be engineers or doctors just for the title. And a lot are the students who are so passionate about pursuing a major in the fields of humanities and art but never do so because of the stigma. I want to be the lady to prove people wrong and change their perspective towards the importance of arts/humanities major and how communication is an art that is very critical to every university graduate looking to have a successful job.


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My skills and hobbies

Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Time Management, Public Relations, Training ..
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