Bayan Abusalameh

  • Lives in Palestine, has a degree in Undergraduate and Majored in Mechanical Engineering at Birzeit University.
  • Dream and Mission Statement:
    Since I was a little girl, space was one of the major things I was curious about, so one of my biggest dreams is to work in Nasa, and hopefully I can join their astronauts program. I am planning to finish my BA, and then have my masters in air-space engineering where I can join Nasa’s space program afterward.
  • Why you should fund me?
    Being part of my fundraising campaign, means being a part of my dream. Contributing in my campaign means; making my dream a reality, and being a part of making a Palestinian astronaut. Because, maybe by donating for me, they will be part of making my dream a reality
  • Volunteer Experience:
    I would give back by supporting such programs in the future, giving speeches about my experiment and encourage students to be passionate about their dreams and make others to believe in their own dreams
  • Awards & Achievements:
    Semifinalist in the HULT prize challenge 2017, students organizer in the right to education campaign, right to education tour in the US 2016 Access Alumni Young reader award 2013

help the next Palestinian astronaut in her mission

On of my biggest dreams is to join NASA's space program, and to do so I have to finish my undergraduate degree Ends at 2017-09-22

My skills and hobbies

Business, Startups, Leadership Training, Marketing, OnlineBusiness, Coaching, Inspire, Ambition, StartupLife, Public Speaking, Intellectual Property, Designing ..
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