Safaa Al-Attar

  • Lives in Syria, has a degree in Professional Post Graduate and Majored in Business Administration at University of The People.
  • Dream and Mission Statement:
    I will establish organization that its mission is training educational staff to be have ability to change educational reality. Educational system should be more interactive, less filling information and more respect for students. The students should be love the lessons, they want to learn and they should have hope and know how determines their objectives.
  • Why you should fund me?
    Because I will solve semitic issue can help all Syria students, especially children of Syria.
  • Volunteer Experience:
    I didn’t join to any charitable organization, But I trained many individuals to be able to work and gave them jobs. I have trained more than 30 people on online working skills to qualify them for online jobs and I provided them with good online jobs opportunity.
  • Awards & Achievements:
    Not Provided

Change leaders

My goal is to change the education system in Syria to be interactive and encouraging. It should help children to identify themselves better and should leave space for showing their creativity. Ends at 2017-05-25

My skills and hobbies

Business, Communication Skills, Marketing, Digital Marketing, OnlineBusiness, Ambition, Public Speaking, Time Management..
$2,400 of $2,400 goal Raised By 3 people in 11 months
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