Celebrate Abdullatif’s life

Spread his enthusiasm for learning and nature with a gift of education for promising youth in conflict zones.

About The Fund

The Abdullatif Chakaki Fund was established in 2020 to support students in higher education that embody Abdullatif Chakaki’s values of educational excellence, integrity, generosity, pluralism, a love of learning and the natural world.

The Fund was established by Abdullatif’s wife Salma Nassar, his children Nawara, Rama, Mohamad and Omar Chakaki and grandchildren Tala and Abdulrazak Odeh, with the support of extended family and close friends.

Abdullatif believed in education and the opportunity it provides. He encouraged his children to study science and engineering. But he also believed in a well-rounded education and continued learning and growing – through reading, travel, and friendships – throughout his life. During his lifetime, he supported the education of many friends, family and others in need.

Abdullatif was open-minded and pluralistic, with friends and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. When he questioned sending his children to a religious school in the United States, Abdullatif’s wife Salma reminded him that his values were in fact shaped by the piety and religious character of his upbringing. So he came to balance a secular outlook with a respect for religion as a source of morality and ethics – a compass for how to interact with and treat other humans. He was of impeccable character, and embodied the values of honesty, respect, and simplicity.

When Abdullatif passed away, his family members were overwhelmed by the number of mourners who expressed condolences and told stories of how much he had given to his community.

Ammar Alshami

Fund Criteria

The Abdullatif Chakaki Fund supports students in higher education that embody Abdullatif Chakaki’s core values of

  • Pluralism, Openness & Respect
  • Work Ethic, Excellence & Commitment
  • Generosity of Spirit to Family & Community
  • Character, Integrity & Honesty
  • Love of Learning & the Natural World

About Abdullatif

Born in 1941 in Hama, Syria, he spent his early childhood in a two-story home with a central courtyard. Abdullatif lived with his parents, 7 siblings, 2 uncles and their families.

At age 13, Abdullatif lost his mother, an event that shaped his personality; he grew up to be quiet, thoughtful, and kept his feelings to himself. Yet with his family and closest friends Abdullatif was good-natured, funny, and loved a good practical joke.

Abdullatif’s dad was an educator, so he instilled the value of education in his own children. Abdullatif excelled in his studies and went abroad to Cairo, Egypt where he earned his undergraduate degree in civil engineering at Ain Shams University. He was then awarded a scholarship to specialize in irrigation engineering and to study existing irrigation projects in Hungary.

Abdullatif was passionate about the environment. He spent much of his free time in nature on long walks, birdwatching excursions and gardening. He enjoyed camping and fishing with his children, and dreamed of retiring on a ranch.

Help us keep Abdullatif's legacy alive by generously donating to his fund.

Scholars supported by our fund

Urgent Appeal Ahmed Alyacoubi

Ahmed Alyacoubi

Raised so far in 9 months

26 Years old, Palestinian
Degree: Undergraduate

$2,081 of $4,102 goal %50.7
Rebal Jaber

Rebal Jaber

Raised so far in 23 months

32 Years old, Syrian
Degree: Professional Post Graduate

$6,005 of $6,000 goal %100
Ongoing Wiam Moussa

Wiam Moussa

Raised so far in 11 months

23 Years old, Lebanese
Degree: Undergraduate

$1,549 of $3,510 goal %44.1
Almost Funded Ali Khalil

Ali Khalil

Raised so far in 7 months

22 Years old, Syrian
Degree: Undergraduate

$2,117 of $2,450 goal %86.4
Bayan Alsaghier

Bayan Alsaghier

Raised so far in 44 months

30 Years old, Syrian
Degree: Undergraduate

$68,948 of $68,940 goal %100
Bashar Alallawi

Bashar Alallawi

Raised so far in 44 months

26 Years old, Syrian
Degree: Undergraduate

$13,668 of $13,665 goal %100
Ongoing Sultan Al Ibrahim

Sultan Al Ibrahim

Raised so far in 8 months

23 Years old, Syrian
Degree: Undergraduate

$463 of $2,000 goal %23.2
Recent Sendus Majanni

Sendus Majanni

Raised so far in 3 months

25 Years old, Syrian
Degree: Undergraduate

$20,500 of $20,494 goal %100
Closed Nivine Atwani

Nivine Atwani

Raised so far in 40 months

28 Years old, Palestinian
Degree: Undergraduate

$13,402 of $13,225 goal %100
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