For Students:
What is edSeed?

edSeed is an web-based crowdfunding platform developed by the connecting donors, students, and educational organizations. the platform allows students to run fundraising campaigns for university tuition and related expenses. One-hundred percent of all funds are sent directly to the educational institutions (universities, scholarship foundations or education funds)  supporting these students as so to minimize donor concerns.

edSeed is a SOLVER in the MIT SOLVE community.This initiative started in 2015 as a marketplace connecting innovators with resources to solve global challenges. With a focus on youth skills and the workforce, the MIT solve community builds and convenes a community of leaders and change makers committed to partnering together to implement these solutions.

Where does edSeed operate?
Currently, edSeed is working with students from Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.  Donors are not restricted to a geographical location and are from all around the world.

Our expansion plan for the following three years includes North Africa, the GCC, Europe, and the USA.

Why crowdfund for higher education?
99% of refugees around the world don’t have access to higher education. Students are in need of financial aid to complete their higher education. Universities and scholarships foundations offer this kind of aid but are unable to provide support for each and every student. Crowdfunding is the solution and a way to connect donors supporters with students seeking financial support. Small contributions made from regular individuals can make a difference when putting together.  
You can launch a campaign if ?
  1. You are a High School student who has been recently admitted into a university program.
  2. You are an enrolled undergraduate student looking for tuition support and you are able to provide a proof of enrollment.
  3. You are a graduate student and you are accepted or enrolled in a graduate program and able to provide an acceptance letter or proof of enrollment.
  4. You are a university student who needs fund for conducting your graduate research project or thesis and your project is approved by an educational institution.
  5. You are a student enrolled in an online certification program and require financial assistance with fees for a program approved by your university or scholarship foundation.
Do the students have to be refugees or internally displaced to sign up? How do you check their status?

We are proactively catering to refugees and internally displaced students by partnering with organizations that work with youth seeking higher education funding. (ex Jusoor, Bareeq Education, ULYP). These partners have already qualified student applications. We are open to working with any student with financial needs who wants to use the platform.

If I raise more than my campaign goal, what will happen to my fund?
Congratulations! If you raise more than your campaign goal, you get to pay-it-forward and donate the money to one or more student(s) from the same educational institution. You can be the Seeder of the month!
What if my tuition is high?
We suggest one of two things:

  1. Divide your goal into several campaigns. In each campaign ask for a portion and explicitly mention how much of the total sum you are asking for (e.g. half, 25%, two-thirds).
  2. Start your campaign with a reasonable goal and raise your target when it is achieved.


Will my account stay active after I finish my campaign?
Yes. You can use your account after achieving your campaign goal. We encourage you to support other students and keep donors updated on your progress.
What should I do if I am uncomfortable with revealing my identity?
Some students have the misconception that asking for money is embarrassing, degrading or socially inappropriate. Education is a human right just like food and healthcare. By getting your higher education, you can become an active member of the global community and become able to support others. Furthermore, donors are eager to support students with passion, drive and a desire to have a positive impact on the world. If you are one of those students, you should feel compelled to reach out to donors and tell your story.
How can I run a successful campaign?
Your campaign’s success depends on the level of effort you put into it. Start with the edSeed Orientation Session. To join the training, please contact fill out this form
What happens if my campaign doesn’t reach its goal?

Any funds you raise will be transferred to your university or scholarship foundation or to a student who matches your criteria.

Is there a fee for using the platform?
8% operations and processing fees on donations throught website, and 0% on wire transactions or cheques or edSeed fund donations.
Why should I use edSeed and not any other crowdfunding platform?
  1. In edSeed, donors can easily search using tags and find students that fit their interests. They can search using names, universities, specialties, and skills.
  2. edSeed has a simplified and familiar campaigning process with only accredited universities and educational institutions listed.
  3. The platform is secure, easy to use and free of spam or malware that can harm students and donors alike.
  4. edSeed offers a Higher Education community that gathers all advocates and donors interested in supporting higher education causes in one place.
  5. edSeed comes with a crowdfunding training customized for students.


Can I delete my campaign? - whether it is in draft or published?

No. Once you prepare a campaign it remains on the dashboard. If it is in draft, no one except volunteers will see it.

If it is published, we will mark it as closed but like all information on the web, it can be accessed.

What is the policy regarding launching campaigns?

No circumstance will a campaign launch without validating the financial details of the beneficiary university or education nonprofit.

For Donors:

Who receives the money I donate?

100% of your donations will be transferred to the student’s university or scholarship foundation.  Donors are given a choice if they want to cover the 8% credit card processing frees and operating fees or not.

Is there a minimum donation amount?
The minimum donation is USD $1.00.
What do type payment methods you accept?
All major credit cards and Paypal transactions.
Is there an offline payment solution?
Corporate donors and individual donors who wish to contribute over $5,000 may send payments to the edSeed bank account.
Is my donation safe?
In edSeed we guarantee you a high level of safety because we process payments through STRIPE – Stripe is the best software platform for running in the crowdfunding industry. They handle billions of dollars every year for businesses around the world.” All funds are held in a USA non-profit bank account and disbursed when the campaign is fully funded or the campaign period ends (whichever comes first).
When are contributions not eligible for a refund?
Contributions cannot be refunded by edSeed, if any of the following are true:

– The contribution funds have already been transferred to the campaign owner

– The campaign has ended

– edSeed determines that there has been an abuse of our Terms of Use or the refund policy.

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