By donating to edSeed, you are not only changing the life of one student. You are giving their entire family a new chance at life outside of a refugee camp.

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By donating to edSeed, you are not only changing the life of one student. You are giving their entire family a new chance at life outside of a refugee camp.

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The Jester Who lost Her Jingle and Went on to Paint Rainbows

By edSeed’s Auntie Rasha Ajalyaqeen

I received a book in the mail: The Jester Has Lost His Jingle. The box had no sender.
It was a children’s book… I sat down to read it. It did not take me long to find out who sent it: my dear friend Rama Chakaki.
The books we like define us.

This is how the story goes:
Once upon a time, a king had a jester who could no longer make him laugh. The king got angry with the jester and banished him from his Court. The jester was so sad. He thought he ran out of tricks that made people laugh. He set out on a journey to look for laughter, which he thought he lost. He left no stone unturned. Having searched near and far, he eventually discovered that laughter is hiding it in the most unlikely places: within ourselves… We just need to look hard enough inside us to let it out.

Rasha Ajalyaqeen
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Through social media and marketing, you can crowdfund your education with edSeed.


With your contribution, conflict-impacted youth and their families have a second chance at a new life.

Educational institutions

Educational Institutions

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edSeed’s Blog

Integrated but Segregated

By edSeed’s Mentor Program Manager Hiba Salem

After experiencing disruption, pain, and unimaginable loss, Syrian children arrived in Jordan and desperately hoped to regain their childhood and be students, friends, and aspiring individuals once more. Today, nearly a decade has passed since Syrian refugees were first forcibly displaced into neighboring nations in the Middle East.

Governments in Lebanon and Jordan have developed official national strategies, successively renewing their commitments to the needs of refugees as well as their most vulnerable national communities. One key approach to increasing educational access for refugees within strained resources has been the double shift system, which uses the same school building for two shifts – the morning shift for national communities and the afternoon for Syrian refugees.

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To truly listen

  • Audience: Open
  • Hosted by: Joumana Aljabri
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Date: Dec, 05th, 04:00 pm (GMT)
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We think we’re innately capable of listening. Then we’re humbled to realise that we drifted from that, as we grew in age and experience. Listening at an adult age may require immersing oneself in silence, humility, and relearning. 

Monthly Student Assembly

  • Audience: Students
  • Hosted by: Rama Chakaki
  • Recurrence: Monthly 
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Date: Dec, 04th, 02:00 pm (GMT)

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