Smart Psych is a startup that aims to address the rising incidence of depression worldwide by using advanced AI techniques to protect and treat people from depression. The project has three phases, including psychological protection, diagnosis, and tracking. Through sleep, mood, and energy tracking, as well as sentimental analysis using NLP techniques, the system helps individuals build resilience, cope with stress, and develop healthy habits. If a user is diagnosed with depression, the system facilitates a connection between the user and a psychotherapist for follow-up and treatment. The AI system uses personalized goal setting, progress tracking, and reminders to help users remain engaged and motivated throughout their treatment. Smart Psych has participated in various competitions and won second place in the Switchboard Hackathon with USAID and Shabka. The Smart Psych team is committed to making mental health services more accessible and affordable for everyone by providing personalized and effective care tailored to each user’s unique needs and preferences.