Interview details: Moaz Hosny is a breath of fresh air. A hard-working electronics and communication engineering student who fled to Jordan with his family shortly after the conflict started in Syria. Like many Syrians, his family couldn’t afford Jordanian University fees. A generous donor-supported Moaz who had excellent grades and graduated with a 94% GPA. While attending University, Moaz worked as a robotics coach. After graduation, Moaz received a scholarship from the Crown Prince Foundation and later another scholarship from MIT with a full-year program in computer and data science.

Q. Tell us about the MIT ReACT Hub program.
The MIT ReACT one year program provided us with computer and data science skills. We learned data analysis using new methods and programming languages. The program included a face-to-face module with MIT professors who instructed us on AI, machine learning, teamwork, and soft skills.  Other modules were delivered online including Python, data visualization, and analytics courses.

Q. Why did you choose that program?
I have a passion for artificial intelligence and for learning. I heard of MIT while studying at university and enrolled in the MIT open courses to expand my knowledge. The MIT ReACT program provided me with good know-how on data management before building artificial intelligence systems for robots. 

Q.  What can you do with the degree you got from MIT ReACT Hub?
The program connected me with a network of intelligent and supportive professionals worldwide. It also gave me an opportunity to intern with a company in Jordan, and now, connected me with the Syria Digital Lab where I will receive mentorship, and possibly funding for my startup. 

Q. What are your job prospects with that degree?
Having started a business during the program, I’m interested in the entrepreneurship journey and seek to grow my company. Alongside that, I am providing tech services to companies that benefit from my knowledge in robotics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Q. Who inspires you?
Mr. Admir Masic. Mr. Masic is a founder of the MIT ReACT program, He was a refugee one day and now is a manager of one of the most impactful projects MIT university offers to support refugees worldwide.

Q. What is your life mission and how has the MIT ReACT Hub degree helped you get closer to it?
I am a cheerful person, even though life around me is very hard. I am very interested in reading and continually learning and growing personally and professionally. I believe that life is all about how you treat people and how you share your knowledge with others in meaningful ways.
Every year I ask myself what might I learn to teach other people and how can I simplify the information for others. Einstein says “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” So my mission is to simplify technology and innovation and deliver it in an entertaining manner for students globally. So far, I taught over 2000 youth and motivated them to self learn.
The MIT REACT program believed in me and supported me to learn new skills, and in turn, I’m doing it for others.

Q. What education do advise our edSeed students to pursue?
Follow your passion, learn something new every day, and be sure to share your knowledge. When you share, you deepen your learning and insights, so you too benefit from teaching others.

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