An artist from Kafranbel, Idlib donated a beautiful mosaic wall art in honor of Ammar Al-Shami, 100% of the sale price will fund one of our students. The artist shared his story:


Artist’s Story with mosaic:


My brothers and I launched our mosaic artwork business, Ebla Mosaic, in 1996 in Kafranbel, Idlib. We started small. We were five brothers. We continued for five years. When we gained traction and demand for our product soared, we branched out and employed more people, mostly relatives, and friends.
We marketed our products in Lebanon first, and then expanded to European, American and Gulf states markets.
In 2014, we moved our business partially to Mersin in Turkey when it became virtually impossible to work in the north of Syria.
Syrian artists are in charge of the business today. This business is the main source of income for them and their families inside Syria. We make every effort to employ Syrians who currently reside in Turkey.

The art piece:
An alley in the Old City of Damascus.
This is a one of a kind artwork. The original is watercolor by a Syrian artist who sold the copyrights to Yasser Al-Shami, Ammar’s late father.
it can be plastered to a wall or framed and hung as wall art, indoor or outdoor,
Dimensions: 80 X 112 cm, 2.62 x 3.67 ft
Weight: 26 Pounds-11.5 Kg
Price: $2.500.00 (shipping fees included)

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Ammar Al-Shami’s love for Damascus :
Once upon a time, a young boy called Ammar Al-Shami fell in love with Damascus. His aunt used to take him down the streets of the old city. He walked down its alleys and marveled at its history. He told his mother: “When I grow up I want to be an antique man”, thinking that to be “antique” automatically means “valuable”. He saw “shishas” in Hamidiyeh, the old bazaar and said fine, I will not smoke but can I use it for chocolate milk? It has pipes so I can! Little did the young boy know that he would not live to be a man, antique or otherwise. Little did he know that he will be valuable, even after he passed, to many Syrian kids who weathered war, displacement, and loss but still had prospects for a better life after his was cut short.
This mosaic of an alley in Damascus is one of a kind. I am auctioning it to fund the higher education of a Syrian refugee student. 
Buying this art piece, you will help keep Ammar’s legacy and love for Damascus,  art, and education alive.


Donate to our scholars by buying a mosaic

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