The art of harmony with the momentwas the title of the webinar with Mrs. Jumana Al-Jabri. How to live in the moment, no matter how harsh it was? When we believe that everything in this life is temporary, we feel secure knowing that these conditions will change, and our day will come.

Enduring life’s hardships becomes our challenge: our tomorrow is our better day.  We have dreams that we must fight to achieve.

Our webinar with Ms. Jumana Jabri was our Eid gifts.  I want to share the bounty with you.  

1- Being in a refugee is not an obstacle preventing us from realizing our dreams.  we can dream it if we believe in it.

2- We can turn suffering into an achievement if we know how to harness the energy, face adversity and use our determination to overcome.  

3- There is a difference between refugee and a person in a refugee status. Refugee status is not permanent. I believe a better day will come, and I will be able to return to my country.  I overcame adversity and prepared myself for better days. 

4- Nietzsche is right: He who has a reason to live can bear almost anything

5- We must always be optimistic because we don’t know what tomorrow would bring. Furthermore, optimism increases our ability to face our challenges.

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