A Promise Across the Atlantic.

Growing up in an Arab culture, I learned that Arab geographers called the Atlantic “the Sea of
Darkness” – bahr al Thouloumat. Little I knew it would be the source of a spark that lit the
flame of hope inside me.

I have always wondered about the true meaning of humanity and love. When I saw pictures of
Angelina Jolie hugging orphaned kids, I knew what true humanity and love are. Angelina Jolie is
a poster child of both.I got to experience what those kids who were embraced by a total stranger felt when I was
blessed by a similar gift of love.
From a far-away continent, strangers reached out to me. They helped me begin healing after
the destruction that wreaked havoc with my life since hell’s gates broke loose in my country,

I left my country to Jordan when violence spiraled out of control. My father was detained and
continues to be missing until this day.
I left no stone unturned but still failed to get a college education. Then everything changed.
Suddenly there was light at the end of the tunnel. I met a volunteer from edSeed.
I received training on crowdfunding. edSeed taught me how to write my story and showcase my
achievements through one-on-one support sessions; they planted the seeds of hope . I
suddenly felt things began to change. My dream was no longer elusive. I am actually taking the
first steps towards a better future. I finally had a campaign going and I will begin my college
education soon.

A while back, when the going got rough and nothing seemed to lead me anywhere, I published
my story on social media. The next morning, I received a private message from Elizabeth. She
read my story and started writing back to me . We hear you and feel your pain, she said. For
five months she would send messages every day to find out if my family and myself were OK .
She told me that when I go to the US, I will be her guest. People who did not speak my language
or share the same faith told me that I was in their prayers. I cannot stress the comfort that gave
me. I felt that strangers cared – at a time when family and kin deserted us. The lesson they
taught me outweighed all the confusing messages I heard about how different we were, how
“we” and “them” were two opposing poles that can never meet.
Last Sunday I woke up for my Fajr (morning) prayers and found a message from an American
friend. I told her that I will be launching a fundraising campaign for my high education. She
shared my campaign with her friends and family and made a generous donation. But she did
not stop there. Her words left me absolutely dumbfounded.

She actually auctioned a painting and some decorative plates for display to fund my campaign.
Her parents, with whom she shared my story decided to do likewise. I, a Syrian refugee in
Jordan was worthy of their support. My humanity spoke to theirs’s.Elizabeth and my friends beyond the sea of darkness proved to me that humanity and love are
not held back by borders and do not have passports that deny them entry.

I do not believe in coincidences. I was certain that God was sending me messages. I believe that
things happen because God Almighty disposes.
I understood God’s message to be: Love unites you. Do not allow anyone to incite and spread
hatred among you. I was told to look at where help came from, to remain forever grateful and
not to forget to pay back .
I felt that God is telling me that one day my dream will come true. Then my story would have
been written and I will tell the story to those who could have helped you but chose not to. I
would tell them that when they left me alone, others held my hand and showed me the way.
Today I feel I am turning the page on this painful chapter in my life. I am taking the first steps
towards a new life of fulfillment.

I will stand before everybody and say those are the people who helped me. I owe my
achievements to them.
I wish we were worthy of our humanity and able to live together in peace.
I wish everyone around me was like those who stepped in and gave a hand when I was in need.
I wish the world was like edSeed, one family of multiple faiths united by compassion,
responsibility and caring. We would be much better off.
I am blessed to have gone through this experience, to have been a member of the edSeed

I have another family living in the United States of America. One day, when the border police
allows me entry I will go and visit.
Thank you edSeed. Thank you, VIP.fund
Thank you, Ms. Megan
Thank your father, Jim for me
Thank you, aunt Elizabeth. You asked me to have hope. I still do
Thank you, Sherianne Schow
You are in my life and heart forever.

Thank you for paying it forward.
I will pay back.

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