September 13 2020

Live! from the news desk, bringing you the latest updates from our community across the globe! Starting today, we’ll be sharing a weekly news bulletin summarizing the activities, stories and developments happening across our programs and locations.

Why now?  Over the past months, and since the COVID outbreak, our community of youth, volunteers, mentors, fellows, donors and supporters has grown exponentially. As we grew, we maintained a focus on a solid foundation of shared values, and a common goal.

Our values  are: Care, Commitment, Creativity and Curiosity

Our common goal is to build a virtual community of like-minded individuals who believe in life-learning for all, youth empowerment, collaboration and employing technology for change.

We share our news to invite you to learn, critique, spread our news and collaborate with us. 

  • #edSeed_Campaigns We just published Faris Eid Fund” href=””>Faris Eid Fund. Family funds seed crowdfunding campaigns, giving student campaigns the initial funding to ensure their success. Hazar Eid interviewed three candidates. We will announce the names of the awardees soon. Interviews went really well!
  • #P2P_Mentorship  A warm welcome to Nawar Hamwi and Ibrahim  Hussein  who are joining the Peer to Peer mentorship program.
  • #Webinar_Series This week we hosted Rawan Abuasad, a Palestinian filmmaker who spoke about “The art of storytelling”. #VIPWebinars
  • #edSeed_Feature_Update  new features have been added to improve file sharing among students, volunteers and mentors.
  • #Community_Engagement the students participated in an orientation hosted by #Kiron. Students can enroll in English language placement exam, register on the  Coursera and other  e-Learning platforms for free. Courses could be with or without credit. A certificate of completion will be issued. Remember, this falls under “what have you done to improve yourself” on the edSeed platform.

Give us your feedback and suggestions. Share our news, and tune in next week for more updates!

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