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Why now? Over the past months, and since the COVID outbreak, our community of youth, volunteers, mentors, fellows, donors, and supporters has grown exponentially. As we continue to grow, we will maintain our focus on a solid foundation of shared values and a common goal.

Our values are: Care, Commitment, Creativity, and Curiosity.

Our common goal is to build a virtual community of like-minded individuals who believe in lifelong learning for all, youth empowerment, collaboration, and employing technology for change.

We share our news to invite you to learn, critique, spread our news, and collaborate with us.

. edSeed Campaigns – Onboarding a dozen new #Syrian scholars from #Lebanon this week. Look out for their campaigns.

. TechTalks – Interested in #robotics? Join us this week to learn with Ahmad Bassam – Journey of NEXUS, food, water, and energy.

. #Internship opportunities– Got talent? Join our interns at the to give back and gain experience.

. edSeed Campaigns: Interested in supporting talented refugees? Check out Amnah’s campaign. Amnah’s inspiration is her mom, an #artisan carpet weaver.

. #NewBeginnings Congratulations. Three edSeed scholars took the first steps toward their college degrees at Zarqa University: Pharmacy, IT, and English majors. All the best!

. #Special thanks to Hiba Salem, Manar Marouf, and Anas Bakro for running the P2P mentorship kickoff session this Sunday.

. #Nawar Alhamwi #NewBeginnings. Congratulations! Nawar will be taking the first step toward the fulfillment of his dream. He was admitted into an exclusive program at the Cologne University of Music in Germany, one of Europe’s most prestigious music academies. “By learning the music of others, we are not only reinforcing our own identity. We learn to appreciate it when we see against a backdrop of other cultures. The purpose is integration and assimilation, creating this beautiful hybrid that allows us to promote the culture we are proud of, and further the values of cultural diversity and tolerance,” Nawar says.

. #Mariam AbuHashish #NewBeginnings Mariam leaves Istanbul, Turkey for Cairo to begin her first year at the college of Dentistry at Ain Shams University. Safe travels, Mariam, the edSeed family wishes you well on the next leg of your journey!

. #Operation Routers4Refugees: edSeed and Project Turquoise will collaborate to help edSeed scholars crowdfund for routers in refugee camps. Remote learning will again be the mode at Zarqa University for the fall of 2020.

. #edSeed Congratulations Mariam AbuHashish for closing out your university tuition requirements a day after launching your #crowdfunding campaign!

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