After the spread of the coronavirus and with people staying at home, many negative thoughts spread among young people due to emptiness and the feeling of laziness and wasting time. Their studies, work, and all activities they were doing stopped, and all people were living a similar life full of sleep and leisure.

I did not like this routine and I was bored because I was not used to this kind of life. I had always used my time by doing activities that would benefit me and the community in which I live, so I decided to join a volunteer team at my university and started working with them while I was at home. I started field work with them and have participated in many volunteer efforts that have been beneficial to me and to the community that I am a part of.

Some of the benefits that I gained from volunteering:

1 – I increased my self-confidence due to the great accomplishments that I achieved, the letters of thanks that I received, and the continuous encouragement from my team members.

2 – I made a lot of friends and made many relationships that will help me in my practical and scientific life.

3 – I learned some new skills such as people communication skills and leadership because I was a leader in one of the volunteer campaigns carried out by our team.

4 – I have made a good impact on the society in which I live, it is really nice to have your name among the people who have provided useful services to the community.

5 – Finally, I use my time, feel its importance, and stay away from useless things that waste time.

There are many other benefits of volunteering that I will discover later in my volunteering career.

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