The importance of cinema is that it is one of the media that sheds light on community issues and makes the voice heard. It differs from other media because some do not convey the truth objectively.

The Greeks classified the arts into six types: architecture, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, and dance.

Although there was widespread use of theater previously, cinema did not fall under the category of the arts, perhaps the reason for this is that poetry, dance, and music are part of cinema.

After the advent of films and the emergence of cinema as a new art form at the end of the nineteenth century, the Italian filmmaker Ricciuto Canudo called it “the seventh art.”

Canudo claimed that cinema includes the six arts that were classified by the ancient Greeks, forming a hexagon consisting of all previous art forms. Cinema is considered a moving art that combines static arts on the one hand and rhythmic arts on the other hand.

Unfortunately, we are mostly unaware of the art of evaluating films. We should not consider films as a means of entertainment only and just for the sake of spending time, but we must consider them as a way to make the individual wiser and more mature by helping people increase their knowledge – as the Greeks considered the value of the arts.

Many films have clear educational or cultural scenes that guide the individual to educate himself. For example, sometimes we see a movie where the protagonist goes through a problem we are going through and we cannot find a solution to it. The hero of the movie may be also going through difficult circumstances because of the big mistakes he made, and this prompts us to avoid making mistakes so that we are not like him.

There are many questions that revolve in our heads about issues: wars, important historical figures, and peoples’ cultures. We find the answers to them in films and we may find solutions to some problems, love or separation, work, money, and other topics.

Cinema can answer many questions and provide a close understanding of the truth. Cinema was and will remain one of the many artistics places that express different cultures.

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