Cybersecurity session

Speaker: Anas Jaber

Some of the points that were highlighted during the session:

  • Why cybersecurity matters for your small business
  • Why put your already limited resources into preparing for and protecting against cybersecurity attacks
  • Vulnerability: Hackers can see small business as easy targets
  • Business Costs: Attacks can be extremely costly and threaten the viability of your business
  • Restriction: Customers and employees expect and trust you to keep their information secure
  • Types of attacks that websites and companies are exposed to:

1 – Phishing

2 – Ransomware

3 – Hacking

Three things we should understand about cybersecurity:

1 – Threats

2 – Vulnerabilities

3 – Impact

4 – Likelihood of attacks

Cybersecurity awareness protects our assets such as customer information, key employees, banking data, manufacturing processes, and proprietary technology.

If you want to watch the session click here

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