We laugh and cry, feel happy and sad, angry and calm. We can feel everything around us, but sometimes we just can’t feel what goes on inside us.

What does it mean when we fail to connect with our inner self? What could our silence sometimes mean? Or the comfort that stems from us?

How many thoughts cross our minds, and how does our body react to hardship?

Are we satisfied with the direction in which our mind and emotions take us?

It was wonderful to be with someone who can guide us and open a path for our self-discovery. It is amazing to discover that we are larger and deeper than we think we are and deserve more than what we have.

I learned to hear the voice inside me, to give myself comfort and value, and to care for myself from inside and out.

Thanks to Joumana Aljabri for teaching us how to talk to ourselves and engage with our inner feelings. She taught us how to appreciate ourselves. We are worth it.

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