From the first period of the spread of the coronavirus, everyone was talking about the disadvantages of corona, but what didn’t come to mind is how the pandemic has also had some positive effects on our lives. Here are four positive ways to look at this worldwide event:

  1. The development of electronic platforms where people have been completing their online work; for example, shopping and studying from home.
  2.  Weddings usually have large numbers of people and were always expensive for the groom. Now because of the coronavirus, weddings now only have the family of the groom and the bride, saving both families a lot of money.
  3. One of the most important positive effects is that during the pandemic, the amount of world travel has decreased, reducing the movement of cars, decreasing air pollution, and creating a cleaner environment.
  4.  People have been able to spend more time with family and in learning new skills.

I hope that life will return to its natural state, that we get rid of the coronavirus, and that we can spread safety in the world.

Image of blog : My drawing and schematic

Dania Alkhutaba _Syrian refugee

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