What are the educational services in Zaatari camp and how do they support the children?

In 201‪3, there weren’t educational services like there are now. There were two schools, but the organizations didn’t focus on education; the emphasis was on recreational centres.

Now the camp and services have been developed to include many schools as the numbers of kids has increased.

There are three major centers in different places at the camp which are distributed in order to be close to and comprehensive for Al-tawjihi (high school) students, These centres provide their basic necessities as well.

Among the centres which support education is the Makani centre that is supported by UNICEF.

I am also a volunteer there, locally it is called Makani team. These centres are educational and recreational at the same time.

What are the training courses at the camp?

There are many organizations which support education and talents at Zaatari camp. Among their offerings are English courses for beginners, handicrafts, soap and perfume making, sewing, computer courses for beginners, advanced computer courses such as ICDL, advanced Excel, advanced word, drawing and handwriting courses, and music.

Are there any training courses which support people who like sports?

Yes, there are many interesting courses such as gymnastics, circus, wrestling, and football.

Are there stadiums at Zaatari camp?

Yes, there are many stadiums and sports arenas and during each school session there are combination games, challenges, and championship games.

Are there any places for leisure?

You can find everything you want at Zaatari camp except leisure places. There aren’t any places for families to relax outside; there aren’t public places that have trees and nature to enjoy the outdoors instead of staying at home.

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