There have always been many challenges and difficulties that we face in our lives. All that we need in order to overcome these challenges and to build ourselves a better future is to make a brave decision. A brave decision that will shift your life from a life full of tragedies and failures to a life full of success and joy.

The Palestinian community in Gaza suffers from a devastated health care system, a shortage of medical infrastructure, and a lack of both medical supplies and doctors, as well as many other challenges and obstacles that my community faces in the health field and badly impacts our lives.

And as we Palestinians know neither the impossible nor the idea of surrender, we are in a constant state of struggle and quest for a better future for ourselves and our children.

Here I am, Mohammed Ibai, a student of Medicine at Al-Azhar University, who made the brave decision to dedicate my life and efforts to the medical profession and be part of the new generation of Palestinian doctors. The generation who will change our health system for the better and rebuild it to be present to serve the people of my community at any time and in any case.

This is my dream and my decision. I will not give up, and I will not back down.

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