In Syria, whenever we think about an affordable and versatile vehicle, no one can deny that these features fit with the Tertera. The Syrian Tertera seems to be one of the handiest multi-tasking vehicles that you can use for investments, shipping items, traveling, and even as a mobile space launch station.

Personally, I took a ride in a Tertera many years ago. What distinguishes the Tertera is that it is very durable and easy to drive as there is no need for a formal driver’s license to start your first journey. In addition, its simple design which is nothing but a single engine with three wheels carries an iron structure that is the main body of the Tertera. Indeed, the simple Tertera lacks doors, and this facilitates visibility for the both driver and the passenger. Before the Syrian revolution, Hama city was the main place where Terteras were being manufactured; the price ranged from 500$ to 700$.

Owners of a Tertera pay specific attention to all its details, paying a lot of cash for its decorations that can cost up to a couple of thousand Syrian pounds. We can classify this Tertera as the Romantic Tertera which is decorated in red and blue, with a lot of lamps. We also have the Sharp model which is fast and silent due to technical modifications that the engine has been subjected to.

The great cities of Paris, London, and New York suffer from not having the Tertera that could facilitate their citizens’ daily commute and offer a handy service.

Today, everyone talks about how Tesla used cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible vehicle to customers. However, the Syrian Tertera had achieved that years before Tesla appeared on the market. I believe that Elon Musk personally should reevaluate his Tesla design and how he can utilize the economic model of the Tertera to develop a new Tesla generation.

Will we see a Tesla Tertera someday soon? 🙂

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