My Oud spent a year and a half hitchhiking from Gaza to Jerusalem then to Cairo. It reminded me of an old anecdote of the Khoja, جحا in Arabic, who when asked to point to his ear arched his arm over his head and pointed to his left ear. My Oud travelled across two countries and a sea to get to a destination that is a stone’s throw away.

Under normal circumstances, reuniting me with my Oud should have been an easy feat. But not for me. The trip from Gaza to Cairo usually takes 6 hours. Restrictions turned the 6-hour trip to 72 hours, and Corona made this a 24-month odyssey.

The important thing is that me and my Oud have been reunited. We are in good hands. Stay tuned for the next song. I just need to hug my Oud for a week, then we can talk.

I am about to finish my sophomore year in the school of dentistry at Ein Shams university in Cairo. I finally got to try carving a tooth from a wax mold. It was very difficult when I first did it, but now I enjoy doing it.

Without your help and faith in me, I could not have gotten where I am today; I wouldn’t be living my dream.

Thank you, Huda Al-Imam, for reuniting me with my Oud. Thank you my donors, and edSeed for your continued support.

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