One year ago, the started providing an opportunity for edSeed students to work with aiXplain, a global leader in artificial intelligence. This project helps displaced college students cover the cost of education, and it has opened many doors. My sisters and I were beneficiaries of this project. At first, it was a wild dream for my sister to think about earning her Master’s degree; however, through Work4Education, she was able to cover all her expenses until graduation, and it gave her a push to think ahead toward her PhD. For myself, I believe that working and self-reliance are valuable life skills and none of us should pass up the opportunity when it arises. I worked on the aiXplain team as a project manager from the side, and it was a productive period for me to learn new things. I had a weekly meeting with Nastia and Ayman, aiXplain team members. They are talented people and I learned many things under their supervision. Working with them was very rewarding and the entire team made me feel very comfortable. I am working now as an annotator.

One of the goals is to help displaced youth continue their education by involving students in projects, introducing them to the community, and helping them learn by opening the doors to employment through various programs. Work4Education helps students work and study at the same time to cover their university fees. In this way we are solving one of the world’s greatest problems. According to UN reports, only 5% of refugees can enroll at universities, and this number creates an educational challenge for the countries hosting them. The UN has designated 17 goals for the upcoming years which are known as SDG (Sustainable Development Goals); one of them is education. Scholarships alone don’t provide enough funding to help all refugees to enroll at universities. In addition, the many restrictions of scholarships often limit the ability to apply and enroll, so we need to find a solution. Working on projects such as Work4Education that provide both funding and the opportunity to learn practical work skills can help hundreds of students continue their education and be ready to work when they graduate.

A big thanks to aiXplain and the for helping so many students meet their dreams and think to the future!

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