The earth is still shaking.

I am still breathing in the dust of the demolished buildings.

Tears stream down my face at my family as I am losing them now.

I am still screaming under the rubble.

All is the same, the same feeling I just felt when they told me about the earthquake; like when one part of the body feels pain, all the parts feel pain. 💔

As if it was the last meeting. Yes, the last meeting beside the fire while trying to find some warmth in this bitter cold.

We were talking about our dreams and plans for tomorrow. In a minute, everything went away.

I thought we would get along in this life together.

We would share a loaf of bread.

Then everything turns into memories.

War and earthquakes both destroy everything. They disturb our safety, security, and peace. They leave us homeless and painful. They make us lose our destination and our soulmates.

It happens while we are suffocating under the rubble but trying to see the light.

We strengthen ourselves again. As it isn’t our first tragedy, we are determined to be alive and feel light, but this time with no supporting hands or shoulders to lean on.

It is so hard to start a new chapter in life, trying to discover a new adventure, trying to find your way alone.

But “It is not impossible” my grandmother always said. “Night leaves us with just memories. If God closes one door, He will open ten doors instead where we can see the light at the end.”

We are here not to drive in reverse but to lighten and repair the world.

As the scale of what we miss increases, the scale of our faith and determination increases too. Nothing will be as is was before. Everything is changing and we’re also changing.

We will turn our small changes into great ones.

The road is long, and we have to keep walking and creating miracles.

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