Friendship knows no boundaries, not even the constraints of distance or the digital divide. Prior to meeting Lana, I was skeptical about forming genuine connections online. Little did I know that she would completely change my perspective.

I crossed paths with Lana in 2021 shortly after joining the institution where she introduced me to the training program. Little did I anticipate that amidst the professional setting, I would find a lifelong friend and sister figure. Initially, our interactions were sporadic, revolving around improving my skills, particularly in English language proficiency. However, as time passed, we began to unravel layers of similarity between us.

During this period of getting to know each other, our dialogue flourished, and we began to comprehend each other on a deeper level. With each conversation, our connection strengthened, laying the foundation for a resilient and enduring relationship. We laughed together, confided in one another, and provided unwavering support through life’s ups and downs.

In 2022, serendipity granted us the opportunity to meet in person during Lana’s layover from America to Syria, with Lebanon serving as her pit stop, coincidentally where I reside. It was during this encounter that I experienced the warmth of her embrace for the first time, transcending the digital screens we had grown accustomed to. From Lana, I gleaned invaluable lessons and reciprocally, I contributed to our bond by sharing our triumphs and tribulations, motivating each other to persevere.

Lana’s presence in my life epitomizes the profound impact of online friendships. Beyond the pixels and emoticons, she has become an integral part of my journey, demonstrating that genuine connections can flourish irrespective of geographical barriers. Through her, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of serendipity and the transformative power of human connection.

“ارسل لك عزيزتي لانا الكثير من الحب من هنا لبنان, وأتمنى أن اكون دائما صديقة مخلصة في نظرك, أحبك كثيرا صديقتي الجميلة, ستكونين افضل طبيبة قد عرفتها عيناني”.

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