Before the onset of the conflict, I was in Gaza. During my time there, I made it a point to attend every technical event I could find, seeking out opportunities to learn and connect with experts and like-minded individuals.

Upon arriving in Egypt four months ago, I was eager to get acquainted with the local technical community. Although it wasn’t easy to integrate at first, I began researching their events and signing up to participate. Today, I’d like to share my experience attending these events and how it has been so far.

Four weeks ago, at the “Startup Without Borders Summit” – I had the opportunity to engage with a dynamic group of entrepreneurs from Egypt and Gaza.

  • We discovered the line up of insightful sessions and esteemed speakers.
  • Connecting with fellow Palestinians was both inspiring and motivating as we collectively aim to empower and rebuild our communities.
  • As the final day of the summit came to a close, I was filled with gratitude for the invaluable connections made and the inspiring stories shared. Amidst the diverse range of discussions and workshops, what stood out the most was the unwavering determination of Palestinian entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges we have faced, our resilience and drive to succeed are truly remarkable.

Despite the initial difficulties, I’ve found that perseverance and a willingness to engage can open up new opportunities. As I continue to immerse myself in Egypt’s vibrant tech community, I’m excited about the future and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

There’s always a way to return to your passion, no matter where life takes you.

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