In our life we meet a lot of people, but very few of them leave footprints on our hearts.

Our Aunt Rasha is one of those people who has left footprints on our hearts, so on her birthday we decided to write these words that come from the bottom of our hearts.

She is like a glittering star who planted happiness in the hearts of all who saw her, then she kept going.” With this quote that I read earlier, I can describe our mother, Rasha. She was not just a guide, she was a mother hugging all the students in her arms. She plants happiness and then goes, without waiting for anything from us. Whenever I called her, she would tell me these words that were ringing in my heart like a bird, “Yes, my eyes.” Her pretty face wrinkles are a success story for each of us. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you. Your words will remain in my heart and memory forever.
Bashar Alallawi

Aunt Rasha is the best woman I have ever met in my life. She was always telling me, “I want you to be a creative man, and I want you to be the best.”
Ghassan Hamoud

You have a lot of skills, and Ammar let me see them.
Ammar Almasri

To our princess and our angel. Happy Birthday for a hundred years! I wish you good health.
Yaman Hilani

Today I want to talk about a woman, Rasha. It is rare to meet someone like her, and If we do meet another woman, I’m sure that woman will not have the beauty of Rasha’s soul and her patience. Despite my mistakes, you always guided me and stood with me. Your words were like lessons to me, you were like a mother who guides her child. I won’t forget your words, “Anas, you’re capable of success and making the best of your situation.” She wouldn’t let me say I couldn’t.Today is the best day to tell you thank you for always standing with me, I won’t forget your help.
Anas Barakat

Aunt Rasha was like a rainbow and a second mother. She was with us every moment so that we could complete our journey. Our journey was full of difficulties, but with her help we passed through all the difficulties. She worked hard in her life until she reached the place that many people dream of reaching. I want to thank her, but I know she deserves more than a just word of thanks. You are like a jewel. I love you my aunt, live a long life. You are the best woman I have met in my life.
Dania Mohammad

Happy birthday, Ms. Rasha. I hope that you have a great birthday. You were a great inspiration for all of us and wishing you all the best. ❤️
Souad Ali

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