Music is my life

When I started learning music, there was a strange view of society towards me, because I live in a conservative society. Music is considered an unusual or undesirable path in my society, but despite the difficulties and challenges I have faced, I decided to continue my education in music because I saw in music what I did not see in any other artform. In addition, when I listen to music I feel an indescribable feeling, a very wonderful feeling.

 I remember a quote I heard from my teachers, “Music is the food of the soul.”

 The more I delved into music, the more my love and passion for it increased, until I became good at it and I helped others learn it under the slogan, “Music is the right of everyone.”

 I am very happy that I did not stop and was not influenced by society’s outlook but continued to develop in spite of it.

 Music saved me, illuminated my path, made me feel the beauty of this planet, and made me forget the destruction and war and look forward to a better and more beautiful future.

 Finally, I thank everyone who stood by me and supported me until I reached this stage; thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ 

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