Live from he news desk, bringing you the latest updates from our community across the globe! We are sharing a weekly news bulletin summarizing the activities, stories, and developments happening across our programs and locations.

Why now? Over the past months, and since the COVID outbreak, our community of youth, volunteers, mentors, fellows, donors, and supporters has grown exponentially. As we grew, we maintained a focus on a solid foundation of shared values, and a common goal.

Our values are: Care, Commitment, Creativity, and Curiosity.

Our common goal is to build a virtual community of like-minded individuals who believe in lifelong learning for all, youth empowerment, collaboration, and employing technology for change.

We share our news to invite you to learn, critique, spread our news and collaborate with us.

. – We are growing through partnerships. volunteers met with representatives from MAPS (MULTI-AID PROGRAMs) in Lebanon to follow up on implementation of the agreement between the two organizations. Students from MAPS are training with edSeed and attending webinars. Further cooperation avenues were explored.

. #Partnerships – Revival: Syrian Youth Assembly #edSeed board members and volunteers met with Aghyad Balkhi, a representative of the Syrian Youth Assembly, in Jordan along with other Syrian students not affiliated with any organization to introduce their respective institutions. Aghyad presented Syrian Youth Assembly’s platform and its different resources including Coursera, University of the People, Erasmus, and Allison platforms. representatives presented the organization’s different platforms and programs and encouraged Syrian students to spread the word and use the Webinar Series, VIP.Fund Tech Talks (TM), and other relevant programs. Twenty-five edSeed students participated in Thursday’s #Kiron Orientation.

.  #FarisEidFund – Congratulations to Abdelkarim El Ubeyd, Ahmad Almasri, and Anas Albarakat, the three recipients of the Faris Eid Fund. Thank you for overcoming and prevailing. Your interviews were heartwarming and impressive.

.  #edSeed Activities – Friends in Jordan will help deliver computers to our ZU (Zarqa University) students in Zaatari Camp.

.  #Communications – Suha Nabhan joined us a few weeks ago as a fellow. She will lead with improving our communication including the website, email, and social media. We are thrilled to have her join our community.

.  #Ambassador Program – This week we had a kickoff meeting for the Ambassador program. Looking to get involved and support #Syrian #Palestinian #Lebanese #Yemen #Iraq #youth? Join us and volunteer.

.  #TechTalks – Tey Elrjula led a webinar on #Bitcoin. Of the 24 attendees, 4 knew of #Bitcoin, 1 of #Blockchain. After the webinar, all attendees are in the know. #education4all #distruptiveTech

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