People leave this world but their souls remain among us, and we feel them through the gifts they left before they passed away.

The gifts that Abdullatif Chakaki left were his children, who immortalized his memory through the fund they opened to help refugees complete their education.

I was very happy when I received a letter in my email from the Al Chakaki family informing me that they will conduct an interview with me in order to obtain support from their fund.
I was very happy during the interview. I got to know the Abdul Latif Al Chakaki family, and I heard from each one of them.

The smile did not leave my face or from their faces. I felt that there was another door that would open for me again. I met Omar, Mohamad, Rama, Obada, and Nawara, and I met Abdulrazak, the grandson of Abdullatif Chakaki, whom I hope to work with in the future.

Then I remembered a saying I had known since my childhood: “Bodies leave and souls remain. We do not see them, but we touch them, either with a memory they left or with the gifts they gave.”

Muhammad told me at the end of the interview, “Thank you, Bashar. Wait for a message from us.” Before ending the call, I heard Nuwara’s son’s voice wanting to talk to me. I remembered a quote I had read by the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky saying, “Souls are healed by children.” At that moment I said to myself maybe this child came to bring good tidings to me.

A few days later, I received a letter from the Abdul Latif Al Chakaki family informing me that I was accepted and they will help me every year.

They told me that from today they have become my second family, and I must tell them what I need, the circumstances I am going through, and if I want any other help, and they will meet with me every month to pursue my education and follow up with me on my academic affairs.

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