We all represent interconnected loops as we try to achieve the same blended goal with pain and hope. Each end is the beginning of another loop, and so on…

Days ago, I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Al-Azhar University. I finished my journey which will be the beginning of helping others, as I have promised myself. There are many who wait for a hand to take them toward the sun of a new dawn full of hope and will.

This edSeed platform – since I joined it – I believe is the fertile ground for the seeds of our educational life cycle. Each of us here grows out towards their dream, and as soon as they arrive, they throw enough new seeds for someone to start the life cycle of their own dream.

I can say that I passed down this path and have now been able to sow seeds of goodness along the way for many others.

In my city, Gaza, there are many students who need a helping hand to throw seeds on their own path. They all live in difficult circumstances, but they have dreams and the desire to resist those circumstances.

I will start training with them in a few days to help with the skills necessary to campaign successfully. I will also use my social relationships to help them, whether financially or by photography, montage, and publishing campaigns through social media.

When you see campaigns from Palestinian students from my city, know that hope is still burning in this small part of the world, and also know that your generous support is not planted in a student’s campaign only, but is a seed that grows to spread hope all over the world. As I promised myself, I will always respond to help anyone who needs me – here in Gaza or with refugees abroad.

Visit my campaign and get to know me

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