Everybody needs to read to become a highly-qualified, well-educated person and to be able to understand the matters which surround them. Books are one of the ways that a person can increase their knowledge and culture. I recently finished reading a book called “Rising Generation” for the first time in my life. Maybe this is considered a minor achievement, but for me it is a great one and I could convince myself to continue reading.

The author, Ahmad Alsayed, mentions in his message to young people an anxiety about their level of intellect and knowledge. He expresses his concern about a generation which seems to only focus on entertainment or what he calls “silliness.” He feels there weren’t any goals or purposes for him as part of this generation and how he suddenly would change plans from one subject to another.

He discusses having real problems with concentration: reading just a little from many books, watching many lectures about different things, registering for science programs, but generally suffering from a lack of discipline. Alsayed wanted to know what leads to this lack of goals and lack of patience.

His argument is that the current generation is clever and well-intentioned with a desire to change for the better, but they need guidance and assistance. He continues the claim that his generation is passing through a period which he describes as being lost.

Then, he asks himself:

…How do I know who I am?

…What do I want to be?

…How do I remove the ignorance?

…And how do I know what I love?

The author then tries to provide answers for the young by taking on their problems and providing solutions. His main messages to the rising generation are:

  • Don’t be afraid of failure: He explains how to overcome failure
  • Ask about identity: He describes how identity is the basis of building self-esteem and removing loss
  • Challenges of faith and stability: He suggests ways to believe in your goals and in yourself to stay on the right track
  • The dilemma of self-criticism and self-doubt: He discusses how to distinguish between the two
  • The problem of role models: He speaks on the importance of the role model for the person who seeks one and how to choose the best role model

The author goes on to discuss cognitive chaos and the beauty and order of scientific methodology, the importance of recognizing and respecting modern historic context, and the challenges of desire, love, and marriage. Finally, Alsayed mentions how to deal with these desires, and the best way to move forward. The benefits of this book are that it is directed at youth and explains most of the problems they suffer from. He uses his own life as an example of how to overcome personal loss. This book can be useful as a guide as it contains practical advice on ways to solve problems for those in the rising generation.

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