“Dostoevsky said, “There are things we say to everyone, things we say to some people, and things that we do not say to anyone.” My meeting with the AMC fund was great because it gave me an opportunity to talk about my feelings and the things I love. In the beginning, I talked about my volunteer work with the VIP fund, then I spoke about my feelings for Syria, literature, music, culture, and poetry.

We also talked about muwashahat (poems that are sung). We exchanged the names of some wonderful books and novels, and the names of some important writers. As a student, I have many things in common with the Chakaki family.

As always, the representatives of the AMC Fund asked me to let them know if I needed anything. I really feel comfortable when I talk with the Chakaki family. Many thanks to my second family,”

-Bashar Alallawi

“It was the third time that I had met with the Chakaki family. The atmosphere of the meeting was so warm and friendly that I felt like I was talking to my own family. We talked about many interesting topics such as the second wave of covid-19 and how it is rapidly and widely spreading in the world, the special background of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, home exercises, and about missing the taste of MIddle Eastern food, especially ‘makdous.’

‘Nivine, do you need anything? Can we help or support you by any means?” is a question that they never forget to ask, a question that deeply touches my heart and makes me grateful and lucky to have such people in my life.’

-Nivine Atwani

“I spent a very friendly 30 minutes with the Chakaki family taking about several issues. Firstly, we talked about how far I have progressed with my online courses as we shared some ideas about how I could improve my potential by attending an internship which Rama suggested. We also shared some jokes regarding my pre-edited blogs, and how playing soccer in Syria significantly differs from the U.S. We also discussed the importance of having a role model in life and how this can help one fulfill their goals.

I actually felt that I am part of a sweet family regardless of the experience and age span that we have. Frankly, the Chakai family tries to leave a worthwhile story written on the fragile pages of life instead of being just one of its ordinary stories. Talking with them was an opportunity to examine different minds having different lifestyles.”

-Bayan Alsaghier

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