One of the most beautiful training sessions I have ever attended is one presented by Dr. Tarek Rashid, whose webinars are focused on developing and improving one’s skills for success, including effective communication.

Dr. Rashid’s webinar was characterized by smoothness and inclusion of a fun presentation style, including examples of real-world scenarios rich in imagery and color.

We gained important information from the trainer about communication and its elements: sender, listener, and message. There are four skills for communication between the sender and the listener: listening, conversation, reading, and writing.

He discussed how listening skills change based on the individual. Some of these listening differences are: ignoring the speaker, pretending to listen, selective listening, effective listening, interactive sharing, and sympathetic listening.

In addition, Coach Tarek discussed three characteristics that can affect the style of communication:

  1.  The visual learner is best reached through visual senses, graphic images, symbols, colors and visualization.
  2. The auditory learner adapts through listening and speech.
  3. The kinesthetic learner best communicates through movements and actions; for example, learning through practical applications and role playing.

Coach Tarek then moved on to the contact filters: emotions that directly affect communication. Examples of these are strong feelings that hinder communication such as considerations relating to gender, age, and culture.

Some of the most beautiful phrases I learned during the sessions are:

  • you will not be proficient in dealing with people who have not handled themselves well.
  • make the control center internal, not external.
  • if you learn how to deal with and understand others, you’ve come 85% on the way to success.
  • two out of three people lose their jobs because of their inability to deal with people.

He also highlighted some of the body’s important reactions, facial gestures, and interpretations.

It was a really fun session. Each session usually lasts an hour but this one continued for two hours of harmony and good communication.

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