We asked our students to share their thoughts on love and here is what they had to say:

Some of students thoughts:

Ahmad Yasser Almasri
Love is not about a mutual feeling between a lover and a beloved. It rather is a constituent act in everything we do.
To love your country is to be faithful.
To Love, your work means to be creative.
To love others is to extend a hand in times of need.
To love a woman is to be loyal to her.
Love is indispensable. It permeates human existence.

Ghassan Hammoud
We become more concerned about the possibility of hurting our loved ones when our love towards them grows.

Sara Alkhatib
Love is not necessarily an emotion between a man and a woman. Love is the continuous prayers of a mother for her child. Love is a brother’s embrace when everyone else deserts you. Love is the shoulder of a friend when life batters you.
Love is too intense and nobler than to be confined to one person only.
Love is not a person.
Love is our actions. Love is doing all that we can, even if that meant giving someone a larger piece of the cake.
Love is understanding that we have the ability to hurt each other, but making every possible effort not to go down that way.
Love could be lethal.

Dania Alkhutaba
You alone are the refuge to this heart regardless of the distances between us, pushed further by our own wishes at times. Damned is a life without you.
You are on my mind, dominating my heart.
I draw comfort from looking at your pictures. Can you imagine how would I feel were you to hold my hand?

Ziad Alradi
You are the morning breeze, a cup of coffee, a Fairuz’s song reverberating in the allies of Damascus.
I said I love you. I said it in so many ways: tired, joking, and serious. You did not hear it despite my numerous attempts.
Look at what you have done to my heart. You set it ablaze, waging intractable wars that no truce can ever bring to an end.
My letters froze as they stumbled to describe your hazelnut eyes.
I loved you as much as I love Shawarma.

Faeyz Bahader
If they ask me one day how long will you stay with him ??? My answer is that I don’t know because I don’t know which is longer (always or forever)

Mariam Nuseirat
Learn to love before you commemorate it in a festival.

Rasha Ajalyaqeen
She is a Board member of VIP.Fund and Founder of Ammar Al-Shami Fund:

The truth may be vital, but without love it is unbearable. ~ Pope Francis, The Movie: The Two Popes
Work is love made visible. ~ Jibran Khalil Jibran
This is what we at VIP.fund/edSeed do.

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