Achieving success despite the limitations

I am not as weak as they think

I am a refugee there fore I am. Asylum made me stronger.

During my asylum journey, I faced many difficulties but also learned many lessons.  I am still offended when people associate being a refugee with being weak, uneducated and ignorant;  being a good for nothing person.

This is not me.  I have always strived to change these perceptions about refugees. Despite the negativity around me, I have looked to the future with optimism and will continue to do so. I am someone who loves to volunteer. I donated my time to organizations to learn new skills and at the same time be of help.  I want to study pharmacy. = I love teaching too. Before volunteering with UNICEF, I taught biology to college students.

My love of volunteering because I understand that at some point in life we all need the help of others.  I am aware how exactly we feel when we need a helping hand.  I do not want those students to struggle the way I did.

It is a responsibility and a duty.

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