I learned wisdom from my cat. I am a person who loves animals a lot, especially cats, and I love taking care of them and being kind to animals.

I have a cat at home, and one day we brought home meat and put it in the fridge. When the cat smelled this meat, she stayed all day in front of the refrigerator, and when anyone went to the refrigerator and opened it, she kept looking at him as if she wanted to say, “Feed me this meat!” The meat stayed in the refrigerator for two days, and my cat would not eat anything else, always waiting for someone to open the refrigerator to show them that this is what she wanted to eat. Finally, we cooked this meat. My cat had been completely waiting for this day, and she had not eaten anything before that, so she fed herself a piece of meat and returned to her normal life. After she finished with the meat, the wisdom that I realized through my little cat is that if a person really wants something, she must never surrender to circumstances, no matter what. Alternative things might be available to her, but if she waits, she will get the thing she wants. The hardworking person must persist and find the will to achieve what she deserves. This is a simple story, but there is wisdom in it, and I will never forget my cat looking at me, wanting the meat, and knowing it will come. You are what you dream.

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