Live from he news desk, bringing you the latest updates from our community across the globe! We are sharing a weekly news bulletin summarizing the activities, stories, and developments happening across our programs and locations.

Why now? Over the past months, and since the COVID outbreak, our community of youth, volunteers, mentors, fellows, donors, and supporters has grown exponentially. As we grew, we maintained a focus on a solid foundation of shared values, and a common goal.

Our values are: Care, Commitment, Creativity, and Curiosity.

Our common goal is to build a virtual community of like-minded individuals who believe in lifelong learning for all, youth empowerment, collaboration, and employing technology for change.

We share our news to invite you to learn, critique, spread our news and collaborate with us.

  • Peer-to-Peer Mentorship –  Thanks to Hiba Salem, Manar Marouf and Anas Bakro for moderating and presenting on the Mentors’ Webinar. 13 mentors from the #US, #UK, #Germany, #Syria, and #Egypt participated. Presentations covered mentorship program basics, SMART goal-setting, and an edSeed Mentor platform orientation.
  • Community member updates –   Mariam AbuHashish, a talented musician and aspiring dentist from #Gaza launched her crowdfunding campaign and received full tuition funding in less than 24 hours.
  • edSeed Activities – 20 participants joined our monthly orientation. Orientations are designed to support scholars creating #crowdfunding campaigns to fund their higher and continued education needs.
  • Recognition – We received a Bronze Seal for #transparency on #CharityNavigator
  • Webinar Series – Joumana Al-Jabri will be hosting a sequel to the successful In Harmony with the Moment Webinar on Saturday October 10 and 17.
  • Advisory Council –  to welcome Huda Imam to the advisory council. Huda is a #Palestinian, living in #Jerusalem.
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