Have you drawn your own path yet?

This story of your life, full of achievement and innovation: would it be complete if you weren’t its hero?

I drew my story from a young age, but I did not know that it would contain many colors, guests, and fleeting heroes. Each of us has his own story in this life and he is the author and artist, but not every story is successful.

We have to learn how to illustrate our stories and tell them well because our mission is not limited to showing only, we have to create, tell, and achieve to deserve people’s love for us and influence on us.

Art is a language that sweeps away sadness and adds colors to life, and every achievement demonstrates our own art and talent. Let us learn how to color our world and make our successes ring bells on the horizons of our personal story.

Thanks to the one who gave us a lesson that guides us on how to learn from yesterday and live today – optimistic that we have voices to be heard and stories that should be told in our future.

Thanks to Mrs. Sawsan Darwaza!

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