A few months ago, I received an opportunity to work on the data verification program with aiXplain, an AI company. I worked on this program for 17 hours along with my two sisters, Sahar and Bushra Alallawi, and three edSeed students: Mansour Al Sayed Ahmad, Hanan Sarhan, and Bayan Alsaghier.

Our Arabic-language skills enabled us to take part in this useful opportunity. We worked as a team and communicated through a channel on Slack to distribute and organize roles.

It was a great experience to work with aiXplain as we specifically focused on organization, coordination, and adhering to deadlines.

This experience made me realize the extent of my language skills and helped me gain experience in the importance of working with a team, considering time management, and valuing commitment.

aiXplain, in cooperation with the VIP.fund, has provided us with this wonderful opportunity to work remotely. One of the goals of the VIP.fund is to enable refugees to gain employment in their host countries. Jobs are scarce due to the inability of host countries to offer a viable job market for refugees. This is even more significant when looking at the present climate of a growing and increasingly large number of refugees around the world.

Thank you to the VIP.fund and aiXplain for this wonderful opportunity!

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